Charitable Services Program 

The mission of the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati (HSDC) is to strengthen our community by supporting individuals and families to overcome obstacles to communication.

Our Charitable Services Program (CSP) is to help clients and families obtain the highest quality products and services needed for overcoming obstacles to communication who do not have the financial means to do so.

Who is Eligible for the HSDC Charitable Services Program?

Help is available to applicants who:

1. Have no health insurance or are only partial coverage for the services they need.
2. Are not eligible for private or government-sponsored coverage such as Medicaid or BVR or are eligible for Veterans benefits.
3. Meet both the income and asset eligibility criteria listed below.
4. Complete an application in entirety and provide requested documentation.

Click below to download the eligibility and instruction page. If you feel you would be a candidate for CSP, please contact an office manager.

CSP Application Instructions

Hearing Aid Donations
Thank you for considering the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati for charitable giving.
Your support is very much appreciated. Unless anonymity is requested, donor recognition is extended to all individuals, corporations and foundations according to the level of the gift.

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